Devotee Dance. Wari Festival,Culture of Maharashtra ,india

Devotee Dance. Wari Festival,Culture of Maharashtra ,india.

07 Dec

Devotee Dance.
(Wari Festival,Culture of Maharashtra ,india)
Our India is famous for many cultures, festivals.
This photo is clicked in the Wari of Pandharpur, the culture of Maharashtra.
About 10 lakh devotees go to Pandharpur by traveling about 247km in 15 to 20 days by walking in the wake of God Vitthal.

After getting tired of traveling on foot, Warkari relaxes in the arena program and all the Dandis are gathered together. Then these fun games begin after the arena program is over.

Then they play a variety of childhood awakening games in order to relax from tired to Avoid it they play Tal, Mridang, Fugadi, rhythm with hands on the waist and such fun jumps. There is no discrimination between the poor and the rich, men and women, young and old, in different sports of Wari. Everyone comes together to celebrate.