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RETURNING! After a two-year hiatus…

Photography Club of India’s iconic exhibition is back!
The Festival of Light, Shutters & Lens! A Festival of visual arts and creative minds!
5th International Photography Contest & Exhibition to be held at ICCR on 19th to 23rd January 2023.
Based on requests received, past data and to encourage wider reach and a greater participation we have increased the number of categories for which images can be submitted. This time we have 9 Categories which includes a special category for students our next generation.


Annual theme: Climate change

We are super stoked to announce the main theme of the 5th Annual International Photography Exhibition & Contest which is all set to take place in January 2023. This year’s main/annual theme is Climate Change. As we all know, climate change is a reality that deserves our immediate attention. That’s why our PCI judges are calling out to photographers to submit photos that document how climate change is affecting everyday life across the globe. This award aims to celebrate challenging, beautiful, and powerful images that are thought-provoking, to say the least. Remember, we are looking for images that call attention to the most pertinent problem on planet earth and inspire us to live sustainably.


Emotions in the wedding

Weddings call for special framing. One that is often crafted by the eye of the photographer. With the wedding photography industry at an all-time high and with it remaining as competitive as ever, #PCI is dedicating an entire category to this skillful art at the 5th Annual International Photography Exhibition & Contest that is all set to take place in January 2023. Our #PCI judges are on the lookout for photographers who can re imagine classic bridal images, innovate compositions and execute daring shoot ideas juxtaposed with well-balanced processing techniques and craft stellar images that capture emotions at weddings.


Social Documentary

Documentary photography is a style of photography that provides a straight forward and accurate representation of people, places, objects, and events, and is often used in reportage. Documentary photography usually refers to a popular form of photography used to chronicle events or environments both significant and relevant to history and historical events as well as everyday life. It is typically covered by Professional Photo Journalists or Real life reportage


Travel – unseen India

This category is for Travel Photographers who can capture and document the unseen side of India. Think images that document indigenous people, local cultures, ageless customs and timeless history. Send us your best shots that bring a place ‘alive’ and excite others to experience the magic of wanderlust. Go on shutterbugs, now it’s your turn to show us what travel photography means to you!


Portrait of Humanity

Portrait photographers are often able to capture the personality and emotion of their subjects. Their ultimate goal is to capture a photo that appears both natural and prepared at the same time to allow the subject’s personality to show through. We want to get an insight into the lives of people from across the globe through your lens and your subjects’ faces. We want your photographs that are able to capture laughter, courage, moments of reflection, first hellos, last goodbyes, and everything in between, all but in just a portrait!


Wildlife: Animal/Birds/Insect

Call to action for Wildlife Photographers who can capture moments of animal life in its struggle for existence in this rapidly changing world. It is in the confines of the forest that many stories unfold much of which is unknown and still being explored. Let your camera speak for those beings who cannot speak the human language – bring out their behavior, habitat including wild action. The wildlife category is further sub-divided into four sub-categories.

  1. Animal Portraits & Behavior: Images that showcase an animal’s behavioral trait or a portrait of its characteristics, physical or otherwise.
  2. Wildscape and Animals in Habitat: Natural landscapes that showcase the animal in its natural environment.
  3. Urban Biodiversity: Photographs that showcase wildlife in an urban setting.
  4. Conservation Issues: Photographs that highlight the importance of conservation in protecting wildlife.
  5. Photographers must be mindful of the welfare of the animals they are photographing and ensure that no harm, injury or distress is caused to the animal or to the habitat in an attempt to secure the image. Images of pets or captive animals are not acceptable. Nesting images are definitely not acceptable. If the organizers suspect that an entry has been achieved through cruel or unethical practices, including the use of live bait, the entry will be disqualified. Any breach of ethical standards listed here will be considered a breach of the rules


Incident on street

Photographing on the streets leads us to capture images that freeze a real moment of everyday life. It is pure, and unfiltered and offers an opportunity for the photographer to showcase his/her unique way of looking at the commonplace and document wonderful moments of life as they unfold around us. We are looking for shutterbugs who might be shooting with an analogue camera in a fast-paced city that never sleeps, or on a digital camera to document daily life in their hometown. So get busy and send us your unique perspective from the street, however you choose to frame it!


Landscape in monochrome

We want to celebrate the very best landscape photography. Images must be a true representation of the landscape. Humans are part of the natural environment as we have a relationship with nature. Photographs may include people (to demonstrate scale) as long as it is not the main subject. Images should be predominantly natural subjects. Man-made objects are permitted; however, they should not be a major part of the image. Post-processing should be simple. A landscape photo should be sharp, with high contrast, monochrome, well exposed, and have some creativity.



1. All photographs should be taken with DSLR, Mirrorless, or Prosumer Cameras and should be taken by you only.

2. Please follow the Guideline before submitting your work in each Category. Should you require any clarifications feel free to  write to us at pci@pciphotography.comphotographyclubofindia17@gmail.com

3. Images with signature, borders, watermarks or any other markings are not permitted. Such photographs shall be summarily rejected.

4. Post-processing beyond the Judges’ choice will not be accepted in this exhibition or competition. Judges may ask for RAW files anytime failing which the entry will be disqualified.

5. Participants who’s images are shortlisted, will be asked to provide RAW files (e.g. CR2, NEF, ORF, PEF etc.), original unedited image in JPEG format for authentication. DNG files are only permitted if it is the native RAW format of the camera.

6. Judges’ decision will be final, and no communication will be entertained on this in any case.



7. There are eight categories. The number of submissions will be limited to as explained in the rule.

8. PCI will have the full authority to select or reject works if it is not as per standard or deviating any of the rules.

9. If your work is selected for the exhibition, you will be notified through your registered email and you have to deposit INR 1000 for each selected photo for Indian & SAARC Nationals; and equivalent USD or Euro for other foreign nationals per photo for framing and binding within 7 days after receiving the mail from us.

10. There will be prizes and awards worth more than INR 2.50,000/- in cash and kind.

11. You will have to collect your prize, certificate, medal, and displayed work from Gallery between 6 and 8 pm on 23rd January 2023.

12. On your request we may send your certificates, medals or other prizes if any, to your mail address against a courier charge which will be paid upfront by the concerned participant.

If the displayed photographs of the respective participants were not being collected either personally or claimed to be returned back through the mail by the due date (will be declared later) you will lose the right of claim.

13. The Organizer reserves the right to change or replace the time, venue, and competition prizes, and/or modify the rules and regulations of the competition as and when necessary, with/without prior notice.

14. Photos having signature, logo, watermark and border are not acceptable.

15. If you choose to include people in your submission, you are responsible for obtaining the necessary releases from the individuals depicted, in case required.


1. Colour Correction
2. Removal of Dust
3. Cropping
4. Reasonable Adjustments of Exposure
5. Contrast
6. Conversion to monochrome


1. Watermarks, Logo or Signature or Borders
2. Manipulation
3. Staging in case of street or candid
4. deliberately arranging something in order to mislead the audience
5. Painting in Object Details
6. Photo Montage, collage or super impose.



Format: JPEG/JPG
Max Size: 1MB
Minimum Size: 1024px Longer Side with 100 dpi min
image Size should be 11 inches in the longer side


CATEGORY FOR STUDENTS (Below 18 by age).

Love and Care

In today’s world, ‘Love & Care’ seems to be becoming a rare commodity. Love is one of the very few things that all of us share. Care is like oxygen, without which humanity cannot survive. We are seeking images that capture the passionate expression of affection, attachment, and care that binds our societies.

With the penetration of smartphones, photography has penetrated the remotest corners. Images can now be captured by one and all with the simplest of the device. To encourage creative imagination PCI invites images from students from across the globe to participate in the 5th International Photography Exhibition.




Photo Submission starts: 14 th Nov 2022 IST 0.00 Hr

Last Date of Photo Submission: 23rd Dec 2022 IST 24.00 Hr

Result: 7th January 2022

Exhibition: 19th – 23rd January 2023

Exhibition Location: Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Kolkata


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