About PCI

Photography Club of India

We, team “Photography Club of India”, work to encourage photo-lovers to follow their dreams of photography. We are constantly working with several International publications & brands like Nikon, Canon, Tamron, Epson etc to provide the best for the club and its members.

The sapling had grown out of Kolkata, the “city of joy” in India, but the branches have now spread and bloomed into different countries in the globe. There are Amateur and Professional Photographers from different countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Spain, Germany, USA, Iran, Poland, Israel etc who hold our hands. Every year, we organise an International Photo Exhibition in Kolkata to bring them together.

For our local members- both photographers and photography enthusiasts, we’ve now started a Photo Adda (discussion) known as CCU (Coffee Camera and You) where different mentors take interact live sessions about subjects they specialize in.

We also organize Photo-walks and Photography Workshops regularly which are successfully blending in technicalities and creativity among members.

This year too, we’ll be back with our 4th International Photography Exhibition to be held in the Academy Of Fine Arts, Kolkata. More Details about this Exhibition will be coming up on our Facebook Page. Stay Tuned!