How to Enter

How to register yourself for the PCI Exhibition 2023?

Here is a step-by-step guide.

Registration >> Exhibition Entry >> Payment >> Photo submission

1.0 Registration

1.1 Visit the PCI website
1.2 If you are a new user, then you all need to register first-
1.3 Once you click on the Registration, a page with the registration form will appear.
1.4 Enter all the required fields with necessary information.
1.5 After submission of your registration from a verification mail will be ent to your registered email.
1.6 Locate the mail (from PCI Photography) in your mail inbox and click on the verification link to validate.

2.0 Your account

2.1 Click on the Log in button to open your profile and fill in the relevant fields.

3.0 Exhibition Entry, Payment

3.1 Find the ‘Exhibition’ tab at the top navigation bar.
3.2 If you are a new user, then you need to register yourself first (proceed as per step 1.3), log in to the portal with your user name & password.
3.3 After login move your mouse pointer on the Exhibition a dropdown option will appear consisting of Exhibition Details (
3.4 Before making any entry read the details about the exhibition rules (Category, Rule & Regulations etc.)
3.5 After login and having read the rules, you will come across two options INR : 300/- (US$ 4) for 4 photos entry and INR: 500/-(US$8) for 8 photos entry in any category. Participants from locations outside India will need to pay in US$ or Euro.
3.6 Select on your choice and click on the ‘Pay Now’ button ( ). Once you click on the ‘Pay Now’ button you’ll be redirected to the checkout page to fill the billing details. This is a statutory requirement.
3.7 Upon filling the billing details, proceed to the ‘Proceed with Payment’ option.
3.8 You will then be directed to actual payment screen. Fill your phone number and email-id and click the ‘Proceed’ button.
3.9 You will notice several options for payment. For domestic participants (those resident in India ) you can choose any option except Paypal.
3.10 Participants from abroad (locations outside of India) Please scroll down to ‘Paypal’ option, choose the currency. The payment amount will auto convert to the chosen currency i.e. US$ or Euro.
3.11 Click on ‘Pay’ button for initiating payment.
3.12 After successful payment await for approval from TEAM PCI’s end. It may take up-to maximum 24 hours for the approval (depending on the time difference of the participant and Team PCI headquarters).
3.13 Once you are participation is approved you will be notified by email.
3.14 In case of any discrepancy please notify Team PCI at

4.0 Photo submission

4.1 With the approval email you are now all set to make your submissions. Once again login first, then proceed to the Dashboard tab at the top navigation bar.
4.2 Click on it, you will be redirected to dashboard page, scroll down little bit in the left side panel till you notice the ‘Add Exhibition Photos’ option.
4.3 After clicking on the option you can now Submit your photos one by one and find your submission photos in the ‘My exhibition’ tab.
4.4 Should you face any issues, please feel free to contact us through the official email of PCI and contact numbers as mentioned in the website home page.

5.0 Photo submission for student Category

5.0 Please follow the 1.0 steps ( Registration)
5.1 After successful registration please login and move your mouse pointer on the Exhibition a drop-down option will appear consisting of Student Category.
5.2 Read the rules first, scroll down little, you’ll see a form for submission. Fill the all details and Submit your entry.
5.3 After clicking on your submit button one successful message will appear in the below.