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Monsoon Magic – Jog Falls

Monsoon Magic – Jog Falls.

Loitering along the highway, feasting on colors of monsoon.
I arrived at the nook. The roaring river plundered and plunged; kissing the rays of sun it finally surrendered.

Jog Falls, Sept 2021

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River & boat

River & boat.



Empty Quarter

Empty Quarter.

The Flow

The Flow.

Ryszard Lomnicki

Ryszard Lomnicki.



Sunshine, gold and glory

Sunshine, gold and glory.

Lumlung Kamei

Lumlung Kamei.

The beauty of Bruar (Bruarfoss, Iceland)

The beauty of Bruar (Bruarfoss, Iceland).

Goa in monsoon

Goa in monsoon.

Jabi Sanz

Jabi Sanz.

Moments Before ” [ Pyrenees, France ] In the last 2 weeks I have been hiking the Pyrenees, both sides in France and also Spain. This is probably one of the places I like the most. Full of waterfalls and with this giant rocks walls that seem to be painted in this magnificent scenario. I took this picture just before it started raining and thundering as if there was no tomorrow. My partner and
I were lucky enough to find a hole in the mountain to lake a shelter since we were bivouacking without a mountain tent .