Dinorah Graue

Dinorah Graue.

13 Sep

3 years ago I considered that my photographic project should be called #Bukuë (frog in bribri, language of an indigenous group in Costa Rica). The reason was very simple: I love to photograph frogs and I consider these little creatures extraordinarily beautiful and photogenic.

And what about the red-eyed tree frog (Agalychnis callidryas), I think the most photogenic of all !!! This little frog has become a lucky charm for me !!! She is my most beloved model and my greatest inspiration !!!

The ideal image for my photographic project, since it represents the beauty and color that characterize the biodiversity of Costa Rica, my second home!
Today I would like to share this photo that has brought me great satisfaction photographically speaking. I hope you like it!!! Pura Vida!!!