The spy who got caught

The spy who got caught.

21 Dec

It was one of those moments that caught and left me simply stunned – unable to grasp as to what happed in those milliseconds. And till then I did believe that I had seen much more than others. – a strong case for me to visit the shrink I guess! The Sarus Cranes had given birth to two beautiful children. It was just a desire to capture their beauty just that once. And that was the only aim. The whole family was busy in scouring the ground for feed with the chicks barely big enough to be seen above the grass. And mind you – the Sarus Cranes – are one of the gentlest of bird species even though they are one of the largest amongst the avian species. Whatever little I have seen of them over the past few years is of them being more romantically inclined towars their better half, epitome of gentleness, most of the time keeping to themselves and frolicking and dancing showing their affection to the other. Never once have I seen them to be violent towards any other species. In this instance, while the family was looking for food and the female along with the small children were towards another side, a Crow came too close for comforts sake. At first, no one paid any attention. As the Crow started inching closer, the male Sarus gave it a dirty annoying look. This didn’t seem to deter the Crow from moving in closer. And then a bolt from the blue. With such profound agility – only to be seen to be believed – the Sarus Crane simply flung its neck catching hold of the feet of the Crow. The Crow too couldn’t have imagined it in his wildest dreams. It began shrieking and shouting with fear and agony all the while that the Sarus was vigorously shaking and flinging the poor fellow around. I too felt that it was the end of the Crow. And as suddenly as this vicious attack began, The Crow after being given a life threatening warning, was let off by the Sarus leaving me utterly speechless and bewildered. An act of humanity I would say. Desperate times needing desperate actions. And I firmly believe that if the Saurs didn’t have chicks nearby, this kind of a violent action would not have taken place in the first instance. Letting the Crow go free in the end does speak volumes about the gentleness of these beautiful creatures.