The Lone Fox

The Lone Fox.

29 Nov

It was one of those off day at Spiti Valley when we got the news that no snow leopard sightings were happening that day. Instead of lazing at our warm and cozy home stay when the outside temperature was at -20 degree Celsius, we decided to visit the Chicham Bridge area (the Chicham Bridge is India’s highest road span crossing approximately 150 meters above a tributary of the River Spiti in the Himachal Pradesh region and is touted as the “world’s highest bridge” at 13,596 feet above sea level) in Kibber to photograph other species such as Blue Sheep, Ibex which form an integral part of food chain for the snow leopards, not only that sometimes you get amazing frames to capture as a wildlife photographer of these species. With these clear objectives we set out for the day!
While the whole team was busy photographing the Ibex and Blue sheep, my porter sounded me that there is something moving far in the horizon and requested me to check through my long lens what specie it was. When I peeped through my view finder to my utter surprise, I found a lone Red Fox trudging what seemed through an endless snowscape. The fox was perhaps scouting for any carcass left behind by snow leopards. Without wasting too much time I started clicking the moment as it trudged along the snowfields. The fox species is, in fact, highly flexible and can adapt to wide range of habitats and diets.