13 Dec

This photo is all Gajan, Charak Gajan is considered to be the most idiosyncratic festival of Bengal. However there are two different types of ritual known as Charak and Gajan. But over time people cosider as festival Charak Gajan which is celebrated on the last few days of Bengali month of Chaitra just before the Bengali New Year. Bengali New Year or Poila Boishakh which takes place on the mid week of April as per the Gregorian calendar and thus the festival is celebrated from 11th to 14th April e every year.

According to the religious veneration and devotion of West Bengal,it is divided into two portions-one which takes place before the agricultural epoch begins and post the agricultural season closure.
The performances or actions in West Bengal, which takes place before the agricultural season are mostly related to fertility function and famous for the metamorphosis of Life and Land.

The gala of Charak Gajan is associated to Buddhism expressly Tantric Buddhism. Basically the festival Charak Gajan was started as a celebration by the Buddhist sect which was conversant as “Dharmer Gajan” and later when it was accepted in the Hindu community it became renowned as “Shiber Gajan”.

Essentially the festival Charak Gajan is amalgamated to the agricultural society where the confluence crave to Lord Shiva for good production of harvest and shower (rain). The main aim of the festival is to bring back the fecundity (fertility) of the soil.