Moorhen ripped in 2 and carried off

Moorhen ripped in 2 and carried off.

20 Dec

There was a big commotion going on behind the dense bushes. A lot of animated shrieks and wild life threatening calls. There was no way I could have reached in time or even tried to enter the shrubbery as the thorns were too prickly. Moreover, the area too was not too close to where as I was. And then the fear of being alone was also uppermost. The best that I could have done and what I eventually did was to get as close as possible and look for an opening through the bushes trhereby maintaining a safe distance. And as I nearded, this Black Kite suddenly flew off right across giving me shivers for an instant. And it was just not that. It carried with it a Moorhen or Purple swamp hen that maybe it had killed and ripped apart as there was no other bird or animal in the vicinity and the blood on the ground appeared fresh and still red in colour!