Model…Brick factory girl

Model…Brick factory girl.

07 Dec

The girl in this photo is from a family working in brickfactory. The girl’s expression shows how much they have to struggle to survive. The attitude of the society towards these children is as “child labor”. I have been working for a photo story for 2 years on their daily life. After studying it in the deep, it came to light that working people leave their state and come to another state for work.The big question for them is where to get the money for poverty education as they do not know the local language. In some places, the government has facilitated education. But the rest of the children do not take the girls close .These are living in such a difficult situation. The facial expressions of the girl in the photo are pale in front of a model doing a rampwalk. The purpose of clicking this photo was only to bring the plight of the brickfactory workers in front of society.