Canal Houses in Amsterdam

Canal Houses in Amsterdam.

06 Dec

A canal house (Dutch: grachtenpand) is a (usually old) house overlooking a canal. These houses are often slim, high and deep. Canal houses usually had a basement and a loft and attic where trade goods could be stored. A special beam or pulley installation would be located in the attic to hoist up valuable goods, like spices, cotton, or heavier stuff like cocoa. In recent times, the pulleys are only used (albeit rarely) for moving furniture.
Climate change has impacted Amsterdam and Netherlands significantly. The sea level has risen about 12 to 20 centimeters from 1902 to 2010. The rate at which the sea level is rising has increased. In the last few years, it has risen twice as fast compared to the 20th century, with a rise of 4 to 5 millimeters every year. The rate at which the sea level is rising is still increasing. The KNMI researched that in the worst case scenario sea levels would increase 54-121 cm in 2100 that would happen if the CO2 emissions would double by 2050 and at the end of the century temperature would have risen to 4.4ºC.